Hi. My name is Mariana, a stay at home mom of three.

What started as a cute way to showcase my daughter's 1 st birthday, has quickly become a full time business in less than a year. It now has been 5 years since I started my business and I'm loving every minute of it.

I've always been into crafts since I was a young girl, so figuring things out is usually an easy thing for me to do. I wanted to take a picture of my daughter in a tutu for her 1st birthday party, so I went on a search for a boutique quality tutu. As I searched, I found that I would have to spend $30 and up for a good quality tutu. Time was also an issue as I needed a tutu so that I can take pictures and send out invitations on time.

Why couldn't I figure out how to make one myself?!! And so I did. I purchased tulle and the necessary supplies I thought were needed and Ifigured it out. My first tutu wasn't anything to scream about, but I was proud of myself.

Since then I have perfected my technique and have also invented some of my own styles. The Triple Layer Tutu aka Turkey tutu is one of the most asked about styles in my book. Although I consider myself quite an experienced tutu maker, I believe I will always be a student and will continue to improve my technique and add to my collection of styles.

I now wish I had the skills I have now when I first started my journey. I've gone through trial and error so you don't have to and I love that I'm able to share my secrets with you.

Check out my blog for more craft ideas!

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