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how to make hairbows

*This product is delivered via ebook download*

124 Pages of Step-By-Step Guide with
Over 300 Full Color Photos--Reveal Every Tool,
Tip, Trick & Technique for Creating Boutique
Hairbows, Headbands, Novelty Clippies,
and More... for Fun & Profit!

No Experience Necessary!

Whether You’re Making Hairbows For Your Daughter
or Granddaughter, Friends or Clients... My Full Color,
Easy-to-Follow Guide Removes All The Guesswork!

With My Step-by-Step Guide and
a Little Love, You Can...

home business* Save Money! Create Hairbows on a Shoestring Budget for Every Outfit in the Closet, Halloween Costumes, Formal Events, Weddings, and More!

make money from home* Make Money! Many Well-Known Boutiques Use the Very Same Techniques in My Course to Make Hairbows that Sell for up to $8.00 for Just ONE! Now YOU Can Do the Same!


Hair Bow Making Made Easy!

basic hairbow techniques
Learn 4 Different Methods for Making A Basic Bow!

how to boutique hairbows
Learn 4 Different Methods for Making a Base Bow... To Be
Used Alone or as the Bottom Layer of a Boutique Bow!

Learn How To Stack Multiple Layering
Elements to Complete A Boutique Bow


You'll Also Discover These Bow Making Secrets...

how to make korker ribbon
How To Make
Korker Ribbon,
Korker Ribbon Bows
& How To Attach Them To Shoes
how to line a snapclip
How To Line A Snapclip

How To Make
Pony-O Hair Streamers & Headbands
how to make an interchangeable headband
How To Make Interchangeable
Nylon & Lace Headbands

how to make a hairbow holder
How To Make A
Board Bow Holder & Initial Bow Holder


Learn How to Make ALL of These
Cute Novelty/Character Hair Clippies!

(Perfect for Babies & Toddlers!)

ribobn sculpture


Learn Where to Buy the Cutest Appliques
and Make Colorful Clippies Like These!

(Plus! Learn my money-saving SECRET for making
your clippies stay put in the tiniest wisp of hair!)

how to make novelty hair clippies


how to make a boutique hairbow

Order My Popular
Ebook Guide:

"How To Make Boutique-Quality Hairbows &
Novelty Clippies
for Fun & Profit!"

And You'll Receive... 124 Pages of
EASY-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions
with Over 300 Full Color Photos!

PLUS! You'll Get 3 FREE
Bonuses Worth Over $29.90!

hairbow making supplies($19.95 Value)

My SECRET Wholesale Resources!

Hundreds of Resources & Suppliers! Save Time & Money Once You Discover My Precious Ribbon Suppliers! Plus, HUGE Bargains On...

* Grosgrain Ribbon as Low as $.20 a Yard!

* Puffy Fabric and Crochet Embellishments!

* Alligator clips as low as $5 for 100!

* On a webpage so you have up to date links!

($9.95 Value)

hairbow size chartMy Handy Ribbon Size Chart!

Stop Wasting Ribbon and Start Creating
the Perfect Size Bow... Everytime!

This simple chart can you save time, money,
and materials... a real lifesaver!

(Hard to Place a $ Value on Community Resource!)

Hairbow Yahoo groupReceive an Invitation to Join My "Hair Bow" Yahoo Group!

It's Free To Join! Connect with Other Creative Moms and...

* Share Photos of Your Creations!

* Ask Questions & Troubleshoot Together!

* Share Advice and Ideas!

* Make New Friends & Contacts!

Still Not Convinced?

Here are 5 Smart Reasons to Buy My Popular Guide!

1.) NO Restrictions on Usage! Make for Fun, Friends or Family!

Can you believe some people who sell hairbow & clippy making guides don't "allow" you to sell your creations! They say you can't sell any projects you made with the "help" of their book!

We don't impose any silly restrictions... in fact, I WANT you to make money selling hairbows! If you can start a business making hairbowss, then more power to you! All I ask is that you don't sell the actual guide itself! :)

2.) Thousands of Satisfied Customers! From All Over the World!

I have been selling my guide for over 2 years on eBay and elsewhere on the internet... even in the real world! You don't sell thousands of copies (and counting) by selling garbage!

3.) My Guide Really TEACHES! Other Guides Leave Much to Be Desired.

Some women think they can slap together a couple photos and a few paragraphs and call them "instructions." Just because they know how to make hairbows, does NOT mean they know how to TEACH.

My guide is filled with full color photos and step by step, easy to follow instructions to help you make hairbows, quickly and easily!

4.) Help & Guidance Long After You Buy the Book! No One Else Offers This!

Whenever you have questions or need support, critiques, or fresh ideas and perspectives, my "Hairbow Makers" Yahoo group is a valuable resource. And of course, I am always available and happy to answer your questions!

5.) This Book Pays for Itself! Start Your Hairbow Business on a Shoestring!

Although I don't teach any "money-making" tips in this book, it has NOT stopped dozens of women from selling hairbows in their very own businesses! In fact, the techniques and secrets you will learn in my guide are the same being used by well-known boutique owners worldwide!



If Thousands of Everyday People Can Master My Hairbow & Clippy
Making Techniques, So Can YOU! ...Listen To What They Say!

I've downloaded the file and am so excited! Your document is great!!! I purchased another bow guide recently and it did not contain as many step by step photos. And your list of suppliers for all of the material is very helpful. I am a working mom looking for ways to be a work at home mom so that I can spend time with my child and the child I am hoping to have in the next year.

Thanks for sharing.

-Tamra V.


Thank you. I got my hairbow instructions. Wow! All 124 pages. I'm so excited, can't wait to make my three year grand-daughter a kitty hairbow.

Again, Thank you.

-Vivian Goldman
Batesburg, SC

"DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THESE INSTRUCTIONS!! They are so much better than others!"

-Karen M.

Hi Mariana,

Thank you for the instructions. They look very easy to follow.
Hopefully I will have some success this will be my first time trying to make my girls' halloween costumes! I am super excited!

Thanks again,
-Brandi Livingstone

Hi Mariana,

I did receive the instructions and they downloaded perfectly. They are really great instructions! I'm excited to get to work! ;)

Thanks a bunch!

-Emily Wallace
Olive Branch, MS


I have received the files and they downloaded perfectly. Thank you so much, the instructions are clear and detailed and very easy to understand. I have also added the email address for the yahoo group.

Thanks again :)

-Talia Milkovich

Hi. I Finally Got To Look At The Instructions Today, They Were Great! I Was Also Pleased With How Fast I Got It. Thank You Very Much!

-Darcie Carpenter

Hi Mariana,

I got the instructions-thank you so much! I can't wait to try them out! They look wonderful and easy to follow.

Thanks again!


I LOVE this package! What a smart woman you are for making this :) Thanks again..so much!!

Cassidy Bell


I just wanted to let you know that it downloaded okay and the info looks great! I added your two emails to my address book so that I can be included in on the yahoo invites. Thank you again!

-Bridgett Jensen

Hi Mariana,

Thanks so much for the link. I downloaded the documents and they are great! I also added the email address for the yahoo groups to my address book so I can join the yahoo groups.

Thanks Again,

-Robyn Sandbo
Kirkland, WA


I wasn't expecting to receive instructions until tomorrow so thank you for getting them out so quickly! And the instructions are FABULOUS by the way. Thank you!

-Tiffani Titus
Littleton, CO

hairbow tutorial

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"How To Make Boutique-Quality HAIRBOWS for Fun & Profit!"
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** 124 Pages of EASY-to-Follow, Step-by-Step
Instructions with Over 300 Full Color Photos!

** Don't Forget! You Also Get ALL THREE (3), FREE
Bonuses Mentioned Above! (Over $29.90 Value!)

*This product is delivered via ebook download*

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